Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you charge for delivery?

A delivery fee will apply. We can confirm the rate with you on processing your order or contact us to receive your area rate.

Is setup of umbrellas/marquees included in the delivery fees?

Yes, Shadehunter Umbrellas will setup for you.

If I only need the umbrellas/marquees for a few hours, is the price any cheaper?

No, sorry, the prices are for a daily rate regardless of how long you hire them for.

Can we pickup the umbrellas/marquees from Shadehunter premises?

No, sorry, we will deliver them to you. Pickup is not an option.

If I have paid a deposit, then cancel the hire, will I get my deposit refunded?

If cancellation occurs no less than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the booking date, we will refund your deposit less a 10% cancellation fee. If you cancel your booking within 14 days of the booking date (with the exception of late notice cancellations—see Question 5 below), then you will forfeit 50% of all monies paid.

If the hire of umbrellas/marquees are cancelled by myself or by Shadehunter Umbrella staff due to adverse weather/wind conditions, or impractical/inappropriate setup conditions, will I have my money refunded?

No, Shadehunter Umbrellas is not accountable for poor weather or adverse wind conditions, or the hirers impractical choice of setup conditions, on the day of your booking. Shadehunter Umbrellas has the right to refuse to setup our products if we deem conditions to be dangerous or inappropriate, or may cause damage to our goods.

I am not sure if I’ll need umbrellas or marquees on the day yet, as I’m not sure about the weather yet. Can I book them “at the last minute”?

Shadehunter Umbrellas often get “last minute” bookings. Obviously, leaving it till the “last minute” may not guarantee that the goods you want or the quantity that you want, will be available. Come rain or shine our umbrellas/marquees will be a beautiful focal point and create ambiance to your event, so it may be better to book in advance regardless of weather (especially for weddings).

We always strive to accommodate our clients as best we can, even if it’s a frantic last minute booking – if we could have at least 48 hours notice that would be appreciated, but we understand at times this is not possible – so don’t hesitate to contact us regardless, and we will do our best to supply your needs.

Hire Agreement: Terms and Conditions

In these conditions:
a. The “Hirer” refers to the person, firm or corporation hiring equipment from Shadehunter Umbrellas.
b. The “Goods” refers to all goods and accessories supplied to the “Hirer”.

The Hirer, being the person hiring items from Shadehunter Umbrellas, pursuant to this Agreement, agrees to pay the rate specified in the Shadehunter Umbrellas Quote(verbal or written)/Order/ Invoice, for the hire of the specified “Goods”, and any associated delivery/setup/pickup costs involved, if applicable.

The Hirer agrees that any costs of repair of damage or loss, or any other expense incurred by Shadehunter Umbrellas, by reason of this Agreement, or by any action of the Hirer or third parties during the hire period, will be oncharged to the hirer at Shadehunter Umbrellas absolute discretion.

The Hirer acknowledges that Shadehunter Umbrellas is, and at all times remains, the owner of the Goods.  The Hirer will not deal with the Goods in any way which is not consistent with Shadehunter Umbrellas ownership, including on hiring them. On hiring/subhiring may only occur with the permission and knowledge of Shadehunter Umbrellas and is subject to all the stated terms and conditions of hire in this document.

The Hirer grants Shadehunter Umbrellas access at all times to inspect or repair the Goods.  In the event of any failure of the Goods, the Hirer shall contact Shadehunter Umbrellas forthwith and on no account attempt to repair the goods without prior consent from, or consultation with, Shadehunter Umbrellas.

The Hirer shall not remove the Goods, or any part thereof, from the situation and position of its installation without consent from Shadehunter Umbrellas. If the Hirer removes or alters the position of the goods, Shadehunter Umbrellas will not be responsible for any failure of the goods, or damage, or injury, whatsoever, caused by repositioning or reinstallation by the hirer, or any third parties during the duration of the hire.

Shadehunter Umbrellas number count, and/or decision as to the condition of the Goods prior to dispatch, and on return, shall be final.

The Hirer agrees that the Goods are to be used at the Hirer’s sole risk and that Shadehunter Umbrellas will be in no way liable for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever that may be caused by the Goods to any persons or property.  The Hirer agrees to indemnify Shadehunter Umbrellas in the event that any claim is brought for injury, loss or damage by any party or parties.  This indemnity will be given even if the injury, loss or damage is the subject of such claim as a result of the negligence of Shadehunter Umbrellas or its agents or employees, or workers responsible for delivery/pickup and setup.

The Hirer also agrees:

  • The Hirer is responsible for the Goods from the time the goods are delivered, until the time Shadehunter Umbrellas picks them up.
  • The Hirer will not take the Goods outside the State where the Goods are hired, without prior approval from Shadehunter Umbrellas.
  • The Hirer is the person/body/organisation who books the goods, and/or the person for whom the goods have been booked/organised by a third party (ie: family member, partner, wedding planner/event organizer). The Hirer may also have the authority to enter this Agreement on behalf of another person, body or organisation (The Principal), in which case, the Hirer is both the person who hires the goods and the Principal, who are jointly and severally liable to Shadehunter Umbrellas under these terms & conditions.

Should a booking be made and deposit paid to confirm the booking, or purchase order issued to confirm the booking, Shadehunter Umbrellas will only refund the deposit, in part, if cancellation occurs no less than 14 days prior to the booking date – A 10% cancellation fee will be withheld by Shadehunter Umbrellas.
If full balance of monies/or part thereof, have been paid to Shadehunter Umbrellas, and cancellation occurs within the 14 days prior to the booking date, 50% of all monies paid will be forfeited. If cancelled 24-48 hours prior to the booking date, no monies will be refunded. (Shadehunter Umbrellas may use their discretion regarding refunds within this time period as required).

Shadehunter Umbrellas will not refund any monies paid if cancellation occurs due to weather or environmental conditions.
Shadehunter Umbrellas reserves the right to refuse to setup/install the goods if it is deemed, by the person authorized to setup/deliver the goods, unsafe or too difficult to setup/install the goods at the time of delivery/setup, or if it is deemed that damage may occur to the goods as determined at the time of delivery/setup. For example: severe wind conditions at the time of delivery/setup. This decision will be at the discretion of Shadehunter Umbrellas and/or it’s employees or authorized delivery persons, at the time of delivery.
Shadehunter Umbrellas will not be responsible for, or accountable for any loss of monies due to cancellation due to weather conditions, or poor setup conditions, whether cancellation occurs from the hirer (or The Principal) or if cancellation is made by Shadehunter Umbrellas.

Shadehunter Umbrellas may, in some instances, make modifications to the setup positioning/ layout of the goods, in contrast to the hirers original requests/specifications, if it is deemed by Shadehunter Umbrellas or it’s employees or authorized delivery/setup persons, that the hirers original setup/positioning request is impractical, dangerous or was not in keeping with general setup protocols.

Shadehunter Umbrellas will always endeavour to setup the goods in the most practical, safe, and aesthetically appropriate manner and layout, as can be estimated at the time of delivery, and will not be responsible for, or financially liable, if the hirer or any other third parties are, or were, not satisfied with the final layout of goods. Shadehunter Umbrellas will not refund monies in the event of the hirer or any third parties not being completely satisfied with the final layout, or if original instructions were modified or changed based on conditions as per the discretion of Shadehunter Umbrellas and/or its employees/authorized delivery/setup persons, at the time of delivery.

The hirer (or The Principal) are bound by these stated Terms & Conditions from the time the booking is made.

Making or confirming a booking, regardless of whether the payment of a deposit has occurred, or whether a purchase order has been issued, WILL confirm the understanding and acceptance, in full, of the above stated Terms & Conditions of hire.