The following options are available on selected Shade Hunter Umbrella sizes:

  • Opening mechanism
  • Roof type
  • Valance (available on all umbrellas)

“Rope & Pulley” Opening Mechanism

Easy action Rope & Pulley mechanism makes opening and closing the umbrella a breeze – even on the largest sizes!


Rope & Pulley Opening Mechanism

“Winder” Opening Mechanism

Featured on our cantilver umbrellas for easy opening and closing of the canopy.


Winder Opening Mechanism

Vented Roof

Vented roof umbrellas have one set of struts/arms and a sewn-on vent.


Vented Roof Umbrella

Dual Roof

Dual roof umbrellas have two sets of struts and a second, smaller roof that provides an extra large vent for improved air flow and ventilation.

Dual Roof Umbrella

Dual Roof Umbrella